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coriander seeds price in tamil of suppliers

coriander seeds price in tamil is good. For thousands of years, coriander was . Used for cooking and pharmaceutical use. Coriander belongs to the parsley family. Such as the Incson or the Roman anthers. Or like cumin, dill and fennel. The leaves and fruits of this plant are excellent. The flavor is very different. And so in different ways. Used in a variety of foods.

coriander seeds price in tamil


History of coriander plant

Coriander is a native annual plant. The scientific name is “Coriandrum sativum”. Belongs to the Mediterranean and Western Asia. Although there are today in Turkey, India, Bulgaria. Also in Russia and Morocco.

Coriander is a traditional plant. And one of the things that Hippocrates ordered. And other Greek physicians used it for pharmaceutical purposes.

The Romans also used coriander as a common spice. They introduced it to the English. Later, Coriander was brought to America. Was used. Due to the taste of her leaves. And known as Cilantro.

Cilantro is a common name. Which Spaniards use for coriander. And it means green leaves with spicy taste. To coriander, also called “Chinese parsley”.

Since coriander seeds are round, small and well-balanced. Coriander will lose its fragrance by drying and freezing.It have to be freshly in use. coriander seeds price in tamil has lang history.

coriander seeds price in tamil

Coriander applications

Cilantro is used in Indian cuisine, Vietnamese rhida. American food is used by the Americans. It is used in Spanish and Middle Eastern food.

Cilantro leaves have a flavor like lemon peel. Which is consumed by eating it. Or tinned in a sauce. Or consumed in soup or in spice. In India, coriander seeds form an important part of the spice. Usually grinding large grains. Cranci gives the flavor to the powder.

Young leaves are usually more delicious. And in salads, along with lettuce, onions and tomatoes. These leaves have their best perfume. Which is to be picked up. And yellow to brownish. Coriander seeds will have better perfume over time.

Coriander seeds are also used in stew or grilled beans. And used in a variety of soups. Maybe it adds to a variety of sauces in cakes. The products are cooked and puddings are also added.

Milling coriander can be added. Add a variety of pancakes or waffles. And give it a special Middle Eastern flavor. Coriander mixed with cumin is a perfect blend of sandwiches.

Talkie is a Arabic spice. Which is made from mixing coriander and garlic. It obtained in crushed and fried form. It is also a common additive for meat. For local fish and cheeses. Years ago, coriander seeds were in cover with a layer of sugar. And useful as candy. Another use of coriander. To cover the unpleasant taste of some medications. Coriander seed extract is also useful. Used in perfume industries.

Coriander seeds drug value and price in tamil

Prepared coriander seeds are in use. It serves as a digestive aid. And treating gastric diseases. It is useful in Chinese, Indian and European medicine. Most often the coriander seeds combined with other seeds, such as sprouts. Or combine with fennel, inson or snowstorms. Or combine with cumin. coriander seeds drug value in tamil has lang history.

coriander seeds price in tamil

Other coriander Properties

For fruits, it is useful for medicinal purposes. To do this, they collect flowers or whole plants. Before they reach perfectly. After the fruits dried out, they were beating them. Then they dry again. These seeds stored in closed containers. These seeds contain up to 1% oily oil. Which is useful to produce materials such as royal water.

This essential oil can be mixed with sugar. The properties of coriander are similar to those of cumin. Its fruits contain lipids, albumens. Also contains tannins, pectin. And both sugars and vitamin C. It is useful purely or as an appetizer mix. It is also used as a wind breaker and digestor. Used in decoction. They also relieve nervous system.


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