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coriander seeds wholesaler and suppliers are ready. Nearly 350,000 plant species have been identified in the world. Of the plant species of the world, 35,000 of which are medicinal. That is, about one tenth of the plant species. They have medicinal properties. Of these, about 1000 species are widely used in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. They are in the row of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

coriander seeds suppliers & price today in india

Coriander is an annual herb which is included in the family of Apiaceae. This plant is the native of Southern Europe, Northern Africa and South-Western Asia. All parts of this herb is edible, however its fresh leaves and dried seeds are mostly used in cooking. Coriander seeds are so aromatic that can be used as a favorable and tasty spice in cooking. Their nature is warm and they are nutty, orange-flavored and spicy. They are also well-known for their medicinal purposes and have many features which are good for health. As mentioned, this herb almost grows in The Middle East. As a fertile country, India has the potential of harvesting coriander. There are a lot of coriander seeds suppliers which prepare these seeds for farmers who order what they need according to the price of seed in India.

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