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exporter of coriander seed with Quality in urdu

world needs exporter of coriander seed. You need to know what kind of plant is coriander. Fresh leaves and dried grains. Coriander is widely used for food flavors. The scientific name is coriander coriandrum sativum. Most people know it as Silentro (Coriander) or Chinese Parsley.

exporter of coriander seed

Appearance of coriander

The word “coriander” is actually the most meaning of coriander seeds. All the ingredients of this herb are edible. Including its seed. The seeds of this plant when crushed is the taste of citrus lemons, which is due to the content of linalool terpene and pinene. Usually fresh leaves and dried grains of this plant are used as spices. It is used for cooking to taste the food. This plant is native to southern Europe and north Africa to southwest Asia. Coriander is a delicate plant. It has thin leaves. It can grow up to 50 cm.

exporter of coriander seed

Nutritional information of coriander seeds

Fresh stems or leaves of the plant are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A. It has vitamin C and vitamin K. Along with dietary minerals. However, coriander seeds contain less content of vitamins. But they contain a significant amount of minerals. Such as dietary fiber, selenium, iron. It contains calcium, magnesium, manganese and other minerals.

exporter of coriander seed

Coriander and cure for the causes of obesity

What is the cause of obesity and overweight? What is some people overweight and obese? That is, they ate more food. It contains a lot of calories without water and fiber, also due to excess fat stored in the body. People who do not consume foods containing high amounts of water and fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, salads, etc. Most likely to become obese.

Another cause of obesity is the high salt intake. High salt intake causes thirst and more water consumption. Which will result in excessive accumulation of water in the body. Certain medications or lack of adequate water are obesity. Insufficient protein intake is obesity. An unhealthy diet can lead to obesity.

In the above section, we explained all the causes of weight gain. But the main reason for obesity is lymphatic system disorders. This leads to body swelling and overweight. This type of weight gain is called water accumulation. Because the water accumulates in a certain area of the body, that is, the tissues of the body. It causes swelling in some parts of the body. Such as legs, ankles, leg shafts and other parts. There are more likely to be women. Water accumulation problems. Which is due to frequent changes in levels of hormone. Therefore, this problem causes the secretion of aldosterone. Kidney stimulates more water.

exporter of coriander seed

Coriander application for weight loss

Here are the benefits of coriander seeds for weight loss.

  1. Rich in minerals and vitamins

One of the reasons for your weight gain is this. You eat a lot of calories. eat less protein and fiber. You have to eat those foods. They increase your metabolism. They burn fat. Coriander seeds seem to be a good way to lose weight. Because it is rich in minerals. It is very effective for weight loss.

  1. High potassium content

One of the causes of water accumulation is sodium. Excessive sodium intake causes body swelling. Only one mineral can help. In contrast to sodium, potassium helps. Hence, coriander seeds are good, containing a lot of potassium. Adding it to your diet is helpful. It is very helpful for your weight loss.

exporter of coriander seed

 health properties of coriander and its seeds

From mid-summer to mid-spring, the coriander plant is beautiful, beautiful flower umbrellas. They blossom white and sometimes pink. And they smell like bacon. These flowers then turn into green fruits. Or the same coriander seed. Which, upon arrival, are separated from the plant. And shed. These seeds contain fatty substances and proteins and cellulose materials. It contains potassium and calcium. Vitamin C and A and essential oils.

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